Make an Impression with Emboss

Have you ever thought about a blind emboss? We use this technique to create a textured background on an otherwise smooth material such as an Estate 8. You can blind emboss all areas of the label – from smaller details on a larger surface, like a background.

How It Works

We must heat up the emboss station on our press to the perfect temperature and adjust the tooling alignment to be exact. Our goal is to achieve the most elegant emboss possible! Our attention to details helps us to stand out. We take the time to impress.

All types of wine stock and paper materials have the option to be embossed or debossed. Yes I said it, the elusive DEBOSS when the plate presses the area down instead of pressing the area up.

We specialize in clean, consistent registration and we take pride in producing gorgeous results time and time again! We are ready to help make your labels feel right! Let us know if you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our label specialists today!