Bring on the Foil

Ever wonder how foil is applied to a label? Bring us any design and show us what you want to be foiled. Choose from a wide variety of standard foil colors or challenge us to create something extra special with holographic foil and custom colors.

Did You Know?

We can stamp multiple foils onto the same label. Once the order is printed and ready for the finishing press, we set up the copper plates, which are sequenced and etched to the label specifications. Then we must heat up the foil station to the proper temperature and adjust the tooling to perfection. We adjust the heat to ensure we achieve the cleanest adhesion, based on the foil selected.

If we run multiple colors at once, they must be arranged in the proper sequence required for each specific label.

We specialize in clean, consistent registration and we take pride in producing gorgeous results time and time again! We are ready to help make your labels shine! Let us know if you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our label specialists today!