In 2010, we established a new digital roll label division aptly named Columbia Label after the nearby Columbia River and Columbia Valley in Southeast Washington State. We are located in the heart of Washington State’s vineyard and winery region, which includes 16 official American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). Washington State is the second largest wine production area in the USA and Columbia Label is the only wine label printer in the Washington Wine Growing Region in Eastern Washington State. It is located near 400+ wineries.

Our specialty through has always been our ability to provide labels in any size or shape in a wide variety of durable materials, and in quantities from 10 sheets to 10,000 sheets. Now we can provide the same quality products on rolls under the Columbia Label name.™,™ are trademarks of Halldata, LLC™.

Our Promise

Today’s consumers demand attractive product labels. You’ve invested many months or years in making your product stand out, so your labeling needs to do the same! As veterans of the label printing industry, we’ve continually invested in the innovative materials and printing techniques that produce custom labels. Nobody is better equipped to help you showcase your product.

We understand the unique buyer influence and high stakes of wine labels. That’s why we proudly offer the Columbia Label commitment: every single design will be printed to your satisfaction. This means accurate and consistent service, of course.

To learn more about designing, ordering, and printing labels, please contact our team today.