Artwork Specifications

Software Compatibility

Our preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator (.ai). If you are using any other software for your labels, please consult your customer service or sales rep to verify compatibility.

Please do not set type or layout your label in Adobe InDesign or other page layout based programs. Instead, set type and compose your artwork file in Adobe Illustrator. (When labels are created in InDesign, exporting the files create issues with slicing the artwork, gradients, drop shadows, images, and colors.)

Please do not set type or layout your label in Adobe Photoshop or other pixel based programs. Set type and compose the file in Illustrator. You can, however, use Adobe Photoshop for the background image.

Your file should be in CMYK format and at least 300dpi at the label size, plus 0.125″ bleed past the dieline.

If you must used an alternative vector based software application, you must export a CMYK-print quality (.pdf) file. Make sure the following are in the PDF’s file settings: embed thumbnail, retain file colors & editability, no compression, no color conversion, and no passwords.

If you have a file you would like to submit use our art upload form to start placing your order.

Image Area

  • Safety Area: Maintain 0.125″ margin from the dieline, unless it is an intentional bleed.
  • Original Art/Scans/Text: Please include placed graphics and photographs with your art. Scan resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi at final scale.
  • Type Specs: 4.5pt positive minimum. 6pt bold for reversed text. Please avoid the following: fine reverse type, process builds on type less than 12pts.
  • Color Specifications: Specify required Pantone swatch numbers on spot color artwork.
  • Trapping: It’s not necessary to add traps to your artwork. Minimum trap and hold back requirements 0.5pt.
  • Lines/Rules: Minimum setting is 0.35pt. When printing negative (reverse) lines/rules, 0.5 pt is the minimum recommended.
  • Color Matching: Process color matches cannot be made to your laser or inkjet print outs. You must provide a sample to match prior to proofing if you are requiring us to match a previously printed label.