Columbia Label Eliminates PFAS Forever Chemicals from Wine Labels

As January 1, 2023, approaches, the first major law controlling poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals in food packaging is going into effect in California. Wine labels in California are being scrutinized to meet the new California standard. For example, a major retail chain requires that wine labels meet the new standard. Columbia Label, in cooperation with its vendors, is the only wine label printer that has a printing solution.

Columbia Label has worked to ensure its estate printing papers, printing inks, hot stamp foils, and varnishes meet the California standard.

The warnings about the dangers of PFAS chemicals on health have come from different sources. The

Seattle Times reported that Washington State is tracking potable water wells that contain PFAS’s and recommends that some fish in Seattle’s Lake Washington not be consumed because of PFASs. Consumer Reports in March, 2022 said that they “found ‘forever chemicals’ in bowls, bags, plates, and wrappers, even from some companies that say they’ve phased them out”.

The chemicals were developed early in the 20th century to have a strong bond to resist heat, water, oil and corrosion. The inventor said the bond would be so strong that it would last forever.

The chemical is added to thousands of food packaging applications. Over the last several decades scientists have warned that it migrates into food from the packaging. Consumer Reports said “PFAS exposure has been linked to a growing list of problems, including immune system suppression, lower birth weight, and increased risk for some cancers”.

Consumer Reports said California has banned intentionally added PFAS. Starting in January 2023, paper food packaging must have less than 100 parts per million organic fluorine.

About Columbia Label.Columbia Label is the largest and newest wine label printing facility on the West Coast. Having invested millions in its digital technology, innovative printing capabilities, and expanded facilities, and being located in Eastern Washington’s wine growing and production region, Columbia Label is the sustainable label source for wineries who want to reduce transportation-related carbon emissions.


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