New Roll to Roll Labels

Columbia Label, a division of, is offering new roll to roll labels. Get high quality labels in large quantities and at a lower cost.

For over a decade, our sister company,, and us, Columbia Label, has been an industry leader in custom labels. Over 550 different materials are offered and most of them can be die-cut to any shape or size, as well as custom printed. Now, with us, Columbia Label, our product line has been expanded to include roll to roll labels. Roll labels have a different function than sheet labels, but both have their advantages.

Roll to roll labels are printed faster than sheet labels, which means less cost and less waste while keeping a high quality print. The lower cost allows even small companies to get a large quantity of labels with a professional look. These are not just thermal roll labels, but there are several different materials available that can be printed in full color.

With the new roll to roll labels, is helping smaller companies transition and grow. The capabilities are constantly growing and the research team is constantly looking for new materials and applications.

Contact the customer service specialists at 1-888-791-9590 for more information about roll-to-roll labels, or click here for FREE samples of this material or hundreds of other custom materials.